1.4.- How to test Near Vision?

Select the presentation distance in the NEAR picker -> Press Go below Near -> Confirm

To measure near visual acuity you have first to select the distance in the NEAR picker view, then put the iPad at the selected distance from the eyes and start to measure with the ETDRS. A confirmation message will appear, please ensure that the iPad is at the distance figured at the confirmation message. The last selected distance will appear when you restart the App.

SIA calculator


The incision that is required for IOL implantation during cataract surgery induces astigmatism —this is referred to as surgically induced astigmatism (SIA)— so the total amount of astigmatism to be corrected with the toric IOL must consider the flattening (FE) or steepening (SE) effect on the meridian of the preoperative corneal astigmatism on which the IOL is going to be aligned. The SIA will depend on several factors, including incision type, location and size, and its design or architecture. 

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