2.1.- Why the app is not available for Android devices?

This is a common question from our users. The answer is because measurement of any type of visual skill related to Contrast such as Contrast Sensitivity Function or Low Contrast Visual Acuity requires from a previous characterization of the display in order to correct the gamma function. In 2016, we found that obtaining an average from several iPad models for the gamma correction we can obtain a reliable measurement of Contrast Sensitivity without a previous characterization of the display.1 However, there are hundreds of different Android displays which means that it is not reliable to measure contrast sensitivity with an Android device without a previous characterization. Despite VisionC was originally programmed for Android and IOS, we decided to remove the App from the Google Play Store because our first aim is to create the most realiable Apps to measure visual function.

  1. Rodríguez-Vallejo M, Monsoriu JA, Furlan WD. Inter-display reproducibility of contrast sensitivity measurement with iPad. Optom Vis Sci. 2016;93(12):1532-1536.
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