1.3.- Create an exam and assign a protocol

Subject Layout -> Press over + (new exam) -> Press over + (new protocol) -> Insert a protocol name and select settings -> Press save

Once you have the subject you can start to insert Exams, a subject can have as many exams as protocols created. A protocol is an uniform way to act for a sample of patients. For instance, you can have a protocol for all the right eyes, another for left eyes, right eyes measured with Ksim, Right eyes measured with total corneal power, right eyes with incision at 180º, and right eyes with incision at steep axis,... The most important thing here is that you have to classify each exam in a specific protocol and you don't have to mix data, for instance patients measured with Ksim y TCRP in the same protocol. Furthermore, maintain the same devices for the measurement preoperative and postoperative

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