Contrast Sensitivity Function Figure with Normal Ranges
Updated on version: 1.0.3


This function computes the descriptive indices and plots the Contrast Sensitivity Function with or without normal ranges for photopic and mesopic vision with and without glare


Contrast Sensitivity Function Figure with Normal Ranges


This function conducts a descriptive analysis of a set of Contrast Sensitivity Functions, either for photopic or mesopic vision with or without glare. The standards of the ISO-11979-7:2018 have been considered for selecting the spatial frequencies for the different conditions [3,6,12,18] cpd in photopic or [1.5,3,6,12] cpd in mesopic vision.1 Normal ranges can be optionally plotted if there is a normal range published in a previous study.2


  1. ISO-11979-7:2018 (2018) Ophthalmic implants - Intraocular lenses - Part 7: Clinical investigations
  2. Hohberger B, et al. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2007;245(12):1805–14. 

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